MasksNOW TN is the Tennessee chapter of the national organization, MasksNOW Coalition. We have partnered with Make Nashville as our physical headquarters to serve the entire state of Tennessee. 

Our mission is to enable everyone to wear a mask to save lives, improve our economy and restore our nation to caring greatness. Through our core values of service, collaboration, community, integrity, and empathy, we have organized to match volunteer sewists to ongoing needs in our Tennessee communities, and we are working towards normalizing mask wearing in public through our public relations and social media outreach. We have brought together a diverse group of experts in healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit organizations, volunteer coordination, politics, public relations, social media and technology to enable us to solve these unique challenges.



Ben Beard Donates 10,000 Masks


Chef's Market Donation

Chef's Market of Goodlettsville donated three full garbage bags of fabric. These were going to be used at a quilting program for incarcerated individuals, but that program was postponed. 

Thomas Brent and Evelyn Graham

Thomas Brent and Evelyn Graham of Nashville ordered 107 masks for his medical practice. They took so long to arrive that he had to purchase others. He donated the original order to Masks NOW. 

How You Can HELP



There are many ways to help, including sewing, delivering and  making kits


Donate Funds

All monetary donations stay in TN and go towards purchasing mask-making materials and kits (fabric, elastic, rotary blade replacements, cutting mats, ink, paper, etc.) and mailing masks and kits to those who need them!


Donate Materials

All donations stay in TN and are used to make masks for Tennessean's who need them!

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We are the Tennessee chapter of Not from TN? Find your state’s chapter.